Title: AC/DC: Let There Be Rock

Format: DVD

Studio: Warner Bros.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

Review by: Bill Jones

Take one of the greatest rock bands in the world and capture the energy and excitement on film during a Paris performance that turned out to be the last filmed show AC/DC front man Bon Scott performed, with classic songs like “Highway to Hell,” “Whole Lot of Rosie” and “Let There Be Rock,” and that should be a recipe for immense success. The thing is, the Let There Be Rock release accomplishes just that, but still finds a way to muck it up bit.

First and foremost are the interview segments that are used to divide the show and create a concert film, rather than just a live video release. But the questions are absolutely ridiculous, and while it does serve as a snapshot of the band, it provides very little insight. It’s throwaway material, or in terms rock stars might understand but be hurt to hear – filler. And along with a silly filmed segment it simply detracts from the brilliant performance that can stand just fine on its own.

But fans probably already know this, as this marks the 30th anniversary release of the film, from a concert that actually took place in 1979. It’s digitally remastered, and despite some dark shots, it mostly looks and sounds great. But the barebones DVD is nothing for true fans looking to pick up an anniversary release. Bigger, better, more expensive DVD and Blu-ray releases are available, so this DVD – which has the 90-minute film and nothing else – is only for fans on the tightest of budgets.

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Pads & Panels received a copy of the DVD courtesy of the publisher for review purposes.