Chicago Foodcast

Episode 6: “The Fire Down Below”

Interview with Jim Nichols of Crosstown Pub & Grill

Episode 5: “The Best EFFEN Episode”

Interviews with Jim Beam Global Spirits Master Mixologist Bobby “G” Gleason and Chicago Mixologists

Episode 4: “Buzzed!”

Interviews with Elliott Beier of Owen & Engine and Eric McCrory of Samuel Adams

Episode 3: “Two Girls, One Goat”

Interview with Stephanie Izard (Girl and the Goat)

Episode 2: “Baconius Festivus Maximus”

Special Coverage of Baconfest 2011

Episode 1: “Ain’t No Thang but a Chicken Wing”

Special Coverage of Wingfest 2011


Bill and Archie have been working kind of quietly without talking to too many other people about this project, but now it is finally ready to be unveiled to the public, and they couldn’t be more excited. Spawned in a last-minute decision to go to Wingfest 2011, the lads decided it might be fun to talk about the food they tried there. They were going to do it anyways, so they decided they might as well let a larger audience in on the conversation, and the concept of “Talking with our mouths full!” was born, and Chicago Foodcast put into motion. The idea behind the show is that Archie and Bill get together to have conversations about their favorite (and least favorite) eats in the Chicagoland area, and bring awesome chefs and their restaurants on board for the action. They hope to keep this idea going on a regular basis, and serve as deeper look into Chicago’s food scene for residents of the area, and a great guide to dining for those just visiting. For everyone else, hopefully it proves to be an entertaining listen. They could go on about if for awhile, but decided instead just to let you listen. The debut episode is posted below. Enjoy! And please let us know what you think.  We can be found directly at, and can be reached at Over the course of the week, we’ll be unveiling the logo, the iTunes subscription stream and information about the next episode.  Also, enjoy the gallery from Wingfest 2011 below. Stay tuned for more.