Title: Brute Force and River Redirect DLC for The Maw

Platform: XBLA (Also for PC)

Publisher: Microsoft

Developer: Twisted Pixel

Review by: Bill Jones

Amidst the usual controversy of DLC for a game perceived as short and following a bit too closely on the heels of the original game’s release, Twisted Pixel has released two new levels available for individual download to expand The Maw experience. They are “Brute Force” and “River Redirect.” Pads & Panels has the breakdown.

Brute Force features a new character, the Brute Bounty Hunter Soldier, part of the strike force sent to capture Frank and his blob companion Maw. They are dangerous, and the duo must harness some of the cooler special powers of the original to force their way through the stage.

River Redirect takes place after the Looferland level, and takes more of a puzzle approach. Frank and Maw must use different powers to reach new locations and, as the title suggests, redirect a river to proceed.

It is cool that the levels are nestled between those of the original, so gamers who want to replay the whole thing will get an expanded experience. Also cool that the new levels, both of which seem longer than those in the original cut, are only 100 Microsoft points ($1.25) each. Despite anyone’s feelings on DLC at large, or the circumstances of this particular DLC release, fans of The Maw will enjoy the first two cheap additions to the game.

For more info. www.mawgame.com