Product: Batman Money Clip

Company: ThinkGeek

Price: $39.99

Review by: Bill Jones

Batman has always been a man of gadgets. With the seemingly infinite wealth of Wayne Enterprises behind his nighttime crimefighting, Batman has a gadget for nearly every situation. So it stands to reason that with all of the money, the man probably uses heavy duty clip to keep it all together.

ThinkGeek and DC Comics present their version of the Batman Money Clip, a miniature batarang that bends in half to hold the money, with the aid of two powerful magnets. It’s the metal of the batarang itself, though, that makes it so cool. It’s a heavy die-cast metal that’s coated in a black rubberized finish. So the money clip has a hefty weight to it, but feels relatively smooth and soft to the touch.

The package’s presentation of the money clip is also top notch. The Batman Money Clip comes with a black glossy paper sleeve with a silver bat symbol on the outside. That reveals something of a black jewelry box, with a top that comes off to reveal…another box. The final box nested inside is a hard one, with a black rubberized finish similar to that off the batarang itself. In the center is an oval indentation with a chrome-finished bat symbol. It opens with hinges to reveal another logo inside and a felt container with the Batman Money Clip. The layering is actually a bit ridiculous, but it does give the product an elevated sense of importance.

Everything about the design is fantastic, and the magnets work surprisingly well. I was at first a little concerned that the magnets wouldn’t hold a large wad together as well as a traditional clip, but the surprisingly strong magnets hold a big stack of paper together quite well. Now my only concern comes as someone who often has electronics in his pocket, and whether or not the magnets are too strong to be placed next to those sensitive objects. But there’s no denying that as a gift to a Batman fan or a clip for special occasions (as it is rather pricey), the Batman Money Clip looks quite stunning.

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Pads & Panels received a money clip courtesy of ThinkGeek for review purposes.