“8-Bit Religion”

By Bill Jones

I wrote a poem once. Actually, I’ve written several, but the one in question is called “8-Bit Religion.” I wrote it for a contest. I did not win, but I was still pretty happy with the way it turned out. We don’t regularly post poetry on Pads & Panels, but maybe we should. And either way, we are today. It just sort of seemed like a good day to post poetry. This is a poem about religion, or more accurately it’s a poem about forming a cool religion based on awesome, old games. Enjoy it.

Blasphemous, I know
To start an 8-bit religion
With Mario as my God
And Princess trapped in the Devil’s dungeon.
Link—His only son
Ain’t searchin’ for Virgin Mary’s
Just some pieces of the Triforce
And a sword that’s legendary.
Turning heathens into Holy Poe
A boost—
Ride my Excitebike to church
The organs quench my polyphonic thirst
It’s all the way on Planet Zebes
So Star Fox gets there first
Just prayin’ on my Power Pad
Left, Right hand of God
Pikachu! Bless You.
Pocket Monsters kneel with me.
Religion’s all subjective
Just don’t believe in Game Genies.