Title: WWE Capitol Punishment

Format: DVD

Studio: WWE Home Videos

Review by: Bill Jones

WWE Capitol Punishment. If nothing else, it was one of the more entertainingly named pay per views in awhile, and the Barack Obama skits had potential, if ultimately put together seemingly lazily. R Truth’s turn toward craziness was also an entertaining build to the show, and his match with John Cena wasn’t half bad. Alex Riley and The Miz also put on a good show, as do Rey Mysterio and CM Punk. Randy Orton and Christian have another solid World Heavyweight Championship bout. None of it is particularly groundbreaking, and it still has the feel of a second-tier PPV for WWE, but it’s a solid show from start to finish.

Pros: Both big title bouts. Fun builds and theme. Ezekiel Jackson and Wade Barrett. CM Punk starts getting on a roll.

Cons: Underwhelming U.S. Championship match. Big Show and Del Rio could be better. Home video exclusive is pointless.

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Pads & Panels received a copy of the DVD courtesy of the studio for review purposes.