Hello, folks. We hope you’re enjoying the holiday season. While you’ve been sipping on spiked eggnog, opening copious amounts of gifts and bickering with relatives you see just a few times a year, we’ve been…well…we’ve been doing exactly the same. But we’ve also been getting together and compiling some of our favorite things from 2011. We’re kind of like Orpah, except multiple people instead of one big person, and infinitely less rich.

So in the following weeks, we proudly present our Best of 2011 coverage. So it doesn’t seem quite so random, I thought I’d write a little introduction to let readers know what to expect this holiday season. First up, we’ll be sharing with our readers our favorite music from 2011. Each writer who elected to participate (we’re not all on top of what’s current in music), will offer his or her favorite album of 2011, followed by some almost-equally deserving follow-up favorites from the year. These will each be presented in individual posts, by each writer.

Next up will be a compiled post of the favorite comics of Pads & Panels’ staff from 2011. These will be presented in no particular order and simply designate our favorite reads from throughout the year, be they serialized story arcs, trades or graphic novels. They are essentially our must-reads from 2011.

Following this, we will get into the meat of our Best of 2011 coverage – the video games. As with last year’s “Best of” coverage, we will first prevent a list of Honorable Mentions, essentially an unordered list of our 11-20 picks of the Best Games of 2011. We’ll then post an ordered list of our Top 10, countdown style, with some special awards doled out along the way. It’ll be pretty rad. Somewhere along the line, we’ll delve into our favorite products of 2011.

And then finally, to wrap things up, we’ll talk Best Movies of 2011. Similar to games, this will be done countdown-style. We’ll also throw up a single post delving into our favorite home video releases of the year, which can vary drastically from our favorite movies.

So we look forward to having you join us for this special coverage, heading into 2012. We thank you for reading and hope you’ll stick with us for another year. Happy holidays.

–Bill Jones, Editor-in-Chief


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