Title: Hell in a Cell 2011

Format: DVD

Studio: WWE Home Video

Review by: Bill Jones

Yet another specialty match turned pay-per-view, Hell in a Cell has effectively done its best over the last few years to neuter the danger and appeal that the match once had. This year’s big selling point — the WWE Championship on the line for the first time ever in a triple-threat Hell in the Cell bout, featuring CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio and John Cena. An interesting twist sees Cena locked outside the cell, unable to compete. But ultimately it is a lackluster match, the finale of which serves to show how bad of a place the WWE writing staff was in at the time. The after-match activities don’t help. Mark Henry versus Randy Orton is a much better bout, but still altogether commonplace for something as “brutal” as Hell in a Cell. The undercard is unforgivably weak.

Pros: Mark Herny and Randy Orton put on a solid bout. Cena twist is fun to see.

Cons: Poor undercard. Only thing worth being more indifferent about than Sin Cara is two Sin Caras fighting one another.

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Pads & Panels received a copy of the DVD courtesy of the studio for review purposes.