#9 Mortal Kombat (PS3, 360)

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment – Developer: NetherRealm Studios

Who would have thought that all this franchise needed to return to the top was to take things back to its roots? The ninth iteration of the notorious franchise ditched the comic crossovers and the gimmicky create-a-character modes and returned to form in spectacular fashion . The fighting returns to a 2D space, the fatalities are even bloodier and more over the top than in recent memory, the graphics are better than ever, but more importantly, the controls are rock solid and have that easy-to-pick-up, hard-to-master feel for which the series was once known.



Best Peripheral

Nyko Zoom

The Nyko Zoom for the Xbox Kinect is one of those rare peripherals that’s almost necessary. Most Xbox users share their gaming areas with three or four other gaming devices and even more controllers, cords and chargers. The room, more than likely, will not allow for the amount of space one needs for proper enjoyment of the Kinect. It may be the simplest installation for any add-on, as well. Clicking it onto the Kinect is all it takes to increase the functionality of the device in close quarters. Now there’s no excuse to avoid UFC Trainer.