Product: Avatar S Gaming Mouse

Company: NZXT

Price: $39.99

Review by: Archie Easter

To the average computer user, a good gaming mouse may not seem like a worthwhile investment; but to a dedicated PC gamer, it can sometimes mean the difference between glorious victory and digital destruction. Though NZXT’s Avatar S is billed as a gaming mouse, casual users need not fear, as it strikes a delicate balance between offering precise control options and features for hardcore gamers while still being comfortable and budget friendly for everyday use. Sporting a maximum 1600 DPI, 5 programable macro buttons and a sleek ambidextrous design, the Avatar S is more than capable of talking the talk, but can it actually live up to the standards set by other gaming peripherals while still being easily affordable?

After using other gaming mice in the past and more specifically becoming familiar with Razer’s sometimes expensive offerings, I can say with confidence that the Avatar is a noticeable step up from the competition. When using other mice that feature additional dedicated macros, I’ve found that the buttons can be sometimes be all too easy to hit accidentally, resulting in inadvertently switching the mouse’s DPI settings or control options. While the Avatar boasts 5 macros that were within reach at all times, their positions along the mouse’s contours led to far less erroneous button presses than mice I’ve used in the past.

Also of note is the mouse’s ambidextrous design that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for increased functionality. Far too many manufactures incorporate button layouts that are only comfortable for right handed users, while lefties are forced into an uncomfortable experience. The Avatar S’ symmetrical design allowed it to feel the same no matter which hand I used it in while still maintaining a comfortable button layout and easy access to both sets of exterior macros.

While there are other more advanced options on the market — NXZT’s own original Avatar mouse offers 2600 DPI precision — users will be hard pressed to find such a comfortable and functional gaming mouse that competes with the Avatar S’ $40 price tag. It also doesn’t hurt that this thing looks as slick as its Teflon coated feet without appearing gaudy like so many other gaming-centric computer peripherals. Whether fragging opponents on the battlefield or cruising the web, this is one gaming mouse that no user will want to let go of.

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Pads & Panels received an Avatar S Gaming Mouse courtesy of NZXT for review purposes.