The latest site to elbow its way into the overcrowded sea of media coverage on the internet is set to hit March 24 right here at

We know that there are a lot of choices out there, and we don’t expect readers to dump all their favorites for us (though it is an idea), but we promise to work hard to give readers a unique site that will provide some of the best coverage you’ll find anywhere of games and comics, through interviews, reviews, product features, news, commentary and more. We’re ready to do the work and hope you’ll come back March 24 to give us a try, then add us to your RSS feed, leave comments and pretend to be an upstanding part of our community when we offer great contests.

Speaking of which, to help give everyone a little extra incentive to check out the site (as if it were needed), we’ll be launching March 24 with a review of Wallace & Gromit: Fright of the Bumble Bees (hint: we like it). Telltale Games has been kind enough to give us, not one, not two…but three download codes for the entire four-episode Wallace & Gromit series. Entering the contest will be as easy as checking out the site, completing the one-step registration and posting some comments.

We’ll continue running cool contests (we’ve got some comics and other swag to give out) and post at least one review, interview or commentary (in addition to news) every single day of the week until the end of April. That’s some serious content flow. So we look forward to seeing everyone back here and hearing your thoughts. Until then, our “About” page is up now to help everyone get acquainted with the site and staff. It includes our mission statement, history, staff bios and rating system.

You can check it out here.

Feel free to email us any time at