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Best Video Games of 2011 – Honorable Mentions


Pads & Panels will soon be counting down its Top 10 Video Games of 2011, but before we get to that point, we’d like to pay mind to 10 other games that stood out as top contenders for the year. They were all part of our discussion and all deserve some recognition for their achievements in gaming, even if they didn’t quite make the cut of the illustrious Top 10. All 10 of these titles were games that earned our attention and respect in one way or another in 2011, the list of them effectively serving as our 11-20 choices, presented here in no particular order. (more…)

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Title: The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile

Platform: XBLA


Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Developer: Ska Studios

Rating: ★★★★★

Review By: Eric Stuckart

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai was a surprise favorite of mine that I didn’t discover until last year, but I was glad that I did. Two-dimensional side-scrolling beat-‘em-ups are a personal favorite of mine, which may or may not be a byproduct of the games I grew up with, but I instantly fell in love with the art style and the fast-paced action of Dead Samurai. (more…)

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2010 Holiday Gift Guide – For the Digital Download Fan…

By P&P Staff


Super Meat Boy


This game is alternately heaven and hell for platforming fans, but it manages to toe the line well enough to always be stuck in that sugary sweet spot that makes it so addicting players don’t even mind dying a few thousand times in the game’s 300-some levels. Plus, the Xbox Live version is going to have regularly-updated free downloadable levels added, which only makes the game even better! (more…)

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Title: Tokyo Beat Down

Platform: DS

ESRB Rating: T

Publisher: Atlus

Developer: Success

Rating: ★★½☆☆

Review by: Dan Braun

With an amusingly campy script and equally absurd plot, Tokyo Beat Down has the makings of a cult classic. It harkens back to the arcade beat ‘em-ups of yore, with bare-fisted simplicity and side scrolling smash-ery.  However, beyond these qualities lies a game that is shoddy in every other regard. Dated, blurry graphics, a limited arsenal of combat moves, and quirky mechanics add up nothing more than mind-numbingly dull experience. (more…)