playstation 2

#6 Saints Row: The Third (360, PS3, PC)

Publisher: THQ—Developer: Volition

The Saints Row series has long been the cartoonish alternative for gamers to the now serious and realistic Grand Theft Auto games. Every mistake GTA IV made, Saints Row: The Third fixes. Everything is over-the-top, from the missions to the weapons and the story. The level of polish elevates it from the previous games in the series. But the best part of Saint’s Row: The Third is jumping into co-op and sharing the chaos with a friend. (more…)

playstation 2

Sony announced today PlayStation 2 Computer Entertainment System will be repriced at $99.99 tomorrow, April 1. The company hinted at the global announcement last week.

This is a price drop from the PS2′s prior price tag of $129.99.

Out of curiosity, how many readers already own a PS2? How many without them would still consider buying one with the PlayStation 3 already on the market?