#8 Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (PS3)

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment — Developer: Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog’s flagship series hits another high note with the third chapter of Nathan Drake’s adventures. The organic storytelling makes this something every gamer owes to themselves to experience. Uncharted 3 delivers the thrill of an Indiana Jones movie and more twists and turns than a ride at Six Flags. Some parts of this game will leave the gamer breathless and pointing at the screen while asking the person next to him, “Did you see that?” As if that weren’t enough, after the credits roll and the brilliant colors fade away, there’s still a fantastic multiplayer game to experience.



Flux Capacitor Award

(Best Use of Time-Bending Elements)

Back to the Future: The Game (PSN, PC)

Publisher/Developer: Telltale Games

Last year, we introduced the Flux-Capacitor Award to honor the great achievement of time-bending elements used in Singularity. In 2011, Telltale Games made an episodic game series seemingly designed to play right into our special award, while also bringing all of us back to some great childhood memories in the process. Back to the Future: The Game, offered a new artistic take on one of our favorite series, and allowed us to travel through time in new adventure from Telltale, which struck a deal with Universal to bring this game to fruition.