Title: Shaun of the Dead

Publisher: Titan Books

Screenplay by: Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright

Adapted by: Chris Ryall

Artist: Zach Howard

Rating: ★★★½☆

Review by: Thomas Braaksma

Zombies seem to be eating away at every area of life these days. Television, movies, comics, classic books, video games, “zombie” walks and pub crawls have all infected society. One stand out title was the movie Shaun of the Dead, which took a comical look at an apocalyptic situation.

With The Walking Dead’s extremely successful comic book series and the growing popularity of the zombie genre, it appears the creators of Shaun decided to cash in on some of that zombie money with this 2010 comic book adaptation of the movie. (more…)


The Walking Dead

Interview with Robert Kirkman

Interview by: Bill Jones

Robert Kirkman may be one of the greatest ambassadors to the comics medium alive. As a writer, he has created the best ongoing zombie series comics have seen in The Walking Dead, carved his own space in the realm of superheroes with the popular Invincible, and has tackled the horror-meets-superhero genre with The Astounding Wolf-Man. All of this while keeping control of his properties through the creator-owned publishing model of Image Comics. That is all, of course, in addition to his work at Marvel, where he became known for his run on Ultimate X-Men and launched the Marvel Zombies series. He also earns cred for starting his career with a concept as awesome as Battle Pope.

In addition to juggling a number of comics franchises, Robert Kirkman has been hard at work in the position of executive producer of AMC’s television series adaptation of The Walking Dead, set to debut this October, directed by Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile). Kirkman took some time earlier this month to answer some questions about his long-running zombie series and delve into the gory details of the upcoming show. Kirkman talks about seeing his comic come to life as a show, his philosophy on adaptations of his work, AMC, working with Frank Darabont, how fatherhood influences his work and what fans can expect from both the show and comic. (more…)