Title: WWE Superstar Collection: Sheamus

Format: DVD

Studio: WWE Home Video

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Review by: Matt Peters

Limiting the number of matches to only six, the WWE Superstars series of releases are more akin to a “best of” rather than the time capsule the usual multi-disc sets usually are. For instance, the 2011 John Cena 3-disc set did a great job of catching fans up on his recent activities while completely ignoring the Superstar’s Basic Thuganomics and Chain Gang eras. Sheamus makes a fantastic heel, and this release serves as a great reminder of those qualities before diving into his current run as a good guy. Besides, what better way to begin than by showing Sheamus beat the living hell out of the current WWE poster child, John Cena?

The length of this single-disc presentation would have been the perfect venue for the 16-second World Heavyweight Championship match from Wrestlemania 28. It certainly could have been an epilogue to the shortened version of the Royal Rumble match. The matches included are arguably not Sheamus’ best, but do highlight important moments in his wrestling career thus far.

Without a framing device, the DVD feels like it’s missing that signature WWE pizzazz and certain events don’t communicate well out of context. Also, an intro by the actual Superstar in focus would go a long way. For instance, a match featuring The Nexus running out to wreak havoc during the Fatal 4-Way match seemed very random. One would hope that the commentators would make up for this shortcoming during the match itself, but instead we’re treated to some interesting choices by the announce team.

For instance, at one point Michael Cole screams out, “Cena, physically assaulting Sheamus!” That’s usually what happens during these matches, yes. Another moment of unintentional hilarity is Jerry “The King” Lawler reading the Irish Times at ringside. During a big event, while the talented WWE Superstars are coming out to the ring to start what may be the biggest match of their respective careers while music booms through the loudspeakers and, in most cases, fireworks launch in every conceivable direction in various vibrant colors, Lawler decides to take out a newspaper? It doesn’t speak well of their product. This DVD screams for alternate commentary.

It’s no secret — since it’s his DVD — that Sheamus wins every match. The upside to this is, for the younger set that is the target audience of WWE’s PG product, the $6.99 price tag is more than reasonable. Ultimately, Sheamus fans will love this, but members of the WWE Universe who love the all-around product may want to wait for Sheamus’ inevitable multi-disc set to get a real feel for the Great White’s career.

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Pads & Panels received a copy of the DVD courtesy of the studio for review purposes.