Always show up with donuts. Always. Operations Manager Laura O’Brien (left) was certainly happy to see us.

Matt’s Double Fine Adventure

By Matt Peters

This past weekend, the folks at Double Fine Productions were kind enough to give me a tour of their San Francisco studio. Hard at work on several new projects (including the Kickstarted Double Fine Adventure), the entire team still took the time to make me feel welcome. There were a couple things that I was sworn to secrecy about, but I will say this: Be excited! The following gallery depicts the tour my wife and I received at the studio.

We had a great time meeting all of the Double Fine crew. Other areas of the office where we didn’t get a chance to snap photos were the music room, the wall of fan mail and Tim Schafer’s personal collection of black velvet paintings. Only a dedicated team like Double Fine could be surrounded by so much distraction and still accomplish so much. As I was leaving, I noticed a huge stack of posters that are scheduled to be autographed by the team for the Kickstarter backers. I asked Schafer how they planned to get through that mountain of posters, and he replied, “We’re going to make a party of it.” I like the way he thinks.

I’d like to thank Schafer and office manager Laura O’Brien and the rest of the fine folks at Double Fine Productions for opening their doors to an enthusiastic fan from Chicago bearing donuts.