Title: Thor

Directed By: Kenneth Branagh

Written by: Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stentz, Don Payne

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins

Studio: Marvel, Paramount

Rating: ★★★★☆

Written By: Thomas Braaksma

Marvel’s Thor has never quite seen the popularity or had such a creative force behind him since the Golden Age of comics with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby at the helm. Though it is safe to say after this year’s theatrical release of Thor, the Norse god might work his way into the hearts of a large number of new and rejuvenated fans. Thor starts off a summer blockbuster season with a bang, and leaves a pretty hard act to follow. (more…)


Battlefield 3 Live Demo Impressions

Story by Archie Easter

While at C2E2, I got a chance to sit in on a live demo of Battlefield 3. The rep stressed that it was extremely early and unfinished code, so they didn’t allow pictures of any kind. Using DICE’s new Frostbite 2 engine, Battlefield 3 is now boasting some heavy duty tech to back up its arguably more tactical and compelling gameplay. (more…)


Chris Hemsworth Thor Q&A (C2E2)

Story and Photo by Thomas Braaksma

On Saturday, March 19, C2E2 brought out some of its biggest stars in the IGN Theater at McCormick Place. Among those stars was the up-and-coming Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, star of the soon-to-be-released live-action Thor movie. Marvel Studios held a Q&A with Hemsworth to go over Thor, as well as some of his past and upcoming projects. (more…)


The Walking Dead Q&A Panel (C2E2)

By Thomas Braaksma

One of the highlights of C2E2 on Day 2 was a Q&A with The Walking Dead’s cast members Laurie Holden (Andrea) and Jonathan Bernthal (Shane). They talked about their experiences working with the material, Frank Darabont and their feelings on a zombie apocalypse, while also getting into some interesting possibilities for the future of the show. (more…)


Fear Itself

Interview with Writer Matt Fraction

Interview by: Bill Jones, Matt Peters, Archie Easter

Introduction and Transcription by: Bill Jones

There is nothing comics publishers and fans seem to love quite as much as a big summer event. And this year, Marvel’s camp has tapped Matt Fraction to take the lead writing duties on Fear Itself. Issue #1 of the mini-series hits shelves today, Wednesday, April 6, promising plenty of Marvel favorites, an epic storyline and plenty of spin-offs. We caught up with Fraction Sunday, March 20, at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo in Chicago, and figured there’s no point in us telling readers all about the series when we can have the writer himself do it. Fraction also discusses the Iron Man films, his involvement with the second video game, what it’s like to be chosen for a comics event, going from the comic shop to the con floor and a Spider-Man “thing” he’s had in mind. (more…)


Pads & Panels’ Bill Jones and Matt Peters caught up with World Wrestling Entertainment’s Monday Night RAW announcer Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler on the verge of his first match at WrestleMania. As The King prepares to take on fellow announcer Michael Cole, he talks about going into his first WrestleMania, getting a couple title shots, his favorite announcer to work with, and his passion for comic book art. The interview took place Saturday, March 19, at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) at McCormick Place in Chicago. A special thanks to The King for taking time to do the interview after a long day of signing and illustrating.


Title: Hearts & Minds: A G.I. Joe Graphic Novel

Publisher: IDW

Writer: Max Brooks

Artist: Howard Chaykin and Antonio Fuso

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Review by: Thomas Braaksma

At last year’s Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo, Max Brooks hosted a panel that went over his career and various pieces of work he has done throughout his career. Besides the movie adaptation to World War Z, currently floating in limbo, one other project particularly stood out to the crowd, a G.I. Joe comic book penned by Brooks. This miniseries went by the name Hearts & Minds. (more…)


C2E2 Photo Gallery – Day Three, Part III – Matt Peters

Okay, so this is officially the last gallery we have to post from C2E2. It’s been a long road, and rather than a celeb, this one is headlined by the great Matt Peters doing a cool thing by giving away a pretty awesome Thor hammer on children’s day. So, hooray for kindness. All photos copyright Pads & Panels, by Matt Peters. (more…)


C2E2 Photo Gallery – Day Three, Part I – Bill Jones

The first gallery from the final day of C2E2 features the dapper gents of Cyanide and Happiness, Archie and Matt in costume (along with so many others), sculpting, a protest and a walk through the webcomics pavilion. All photos copyright Pads & Panels, by Bill Jones. (more…)


C2E2 Photo Gallery – Day Three, Part II – Bill Jones

In what may be the final gallery from C2E2 for Pads & Panels, Bill captured a clone butting in on a Spider-Man photo-op, the Wee Ninja doing epic battle with the Threadless Fridge, and Art Baltazar illustrating. All images copyright Pads & Panels, by Bill Jones. (more…)