Product: Nintendo Skyward Sword Cap

Company: ThinkGeek

Review by: Archie Easter

As far as gaming series go, Zelda is a fairly cherished and storied franchise, so when Nintendo decides to release merchandise for the series, it’s usually pretty good.

This cap released by the company for the series’ newest game, Skyward Sword, is no exception. This fitted cap is all black with a golden Skyward Sword and Triforce logo emblazoned in reflective paint across the front. The effect works fairly well, as the logo practically glows when worn in direct sunlight.

The cap also features an embroidered yellow Nintendo logo off to the left side, and “Zelda” written across the back in the same yellow stitching. All in all, it’s a great design that manages the rare feat of still looking somewhat stylish, even if one isn’t particularly familiar with the legendary series.

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Pads & Panels received a hat courtesy of ThinkGeek for review purposes.