The Disco Exorcist spoofs nostalgia, horror clichés

Review by Jon DePaolis

All cards on the table, I usually don’t like nostalgic movies. This is mostly because I wasn’t alive in the 1970s and I don’t get what the big deal was. So that generation had disco clubs, cocaine and a promiscuous attitude toward sex, but so what? OK … that sounds great. All the same, I didn’t live through it and, to be honest, Sega Genesis and Puff Daddy’s No Way Out suited me just fine.

Where was I? Right, The Disco Exorcist. I’m pretty sure Wild Eye produced this movie just so that it could do a retro horror movie. If that is the case, they succeeded, and I loved it.

The film is shot similar to Grindhouse, with its grainy, old film strip picture. The gore is mostly contained to red corn syrup and old-school sound effects. The plot is even cheesy, with main character Rex (Michael Reed) – a notorious ladies man – sleeping around on a witch who subsequently tries to kill him. Disco Exorcist is basically softcore porn with a horror movie attached to it, but if we are really getting down to brass tax, what horror movie isn’t these days?

Rex meets and falls in love with a porn star – who didn’t see that coming? The witch then possesses the girl, and it is up to Rex and his best friend to save her and the day.

In terms of special features, the DVD offers several trailers, a few deleted scenes and some commentary – though I don’t know who listens to a B horror movie’s commentary. But hey, if that is your thing, fly your freak flag high. The Disco Exorcist certainly did.

Oh, and by the way, this is an actual clip of dialogue.

“What’s your sign?”

“I have a penis.”

“Oh, Sagitarrius. I can dig that.”

Pads & Panels received copy of the movie courtesy of the studio for review purposes.