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12 Things to be Excited About in 2012

By Matt Peters

This year is scheduled to be one of the biggest of note in the world of comics, video games, and all-around geekiness. We here at Pads & Panels would like to give you twelve reasons that 2012 will be awesome. Let’s hope our Mayan overlords don’t return from outer space until we get to experience most of it. Take a look below for some of the highlights:



mega man

As I write this, I have been up since 2:30 in the afternoon yesterday. It is now 8 a.m. Such is typical for me, as I haven’t really seen a “set” schedule in about 3½ years. However, it’s these types of days that really put me into a state where writing and ranting blur together and…pondering…just tends to flow. It might come across as eccentric to some, but for me it’s just par for the course.

So anyways, I’ve been kind of upside down the past couple days, and will continue to be so the next couple of days. It kind of makes it hard to really stay focused on much, especially when there’s a whole lot to be focused upon. I started watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy on Blu-ray the other day, but feel that when I’m not sleeping much that I can’t really put much attention on watching anything. It just makes me drowsy. Not to say that the Lord of the Rings movies are boring, but I could pretty much fall asleep watching anything if I stop long enough to sit still and pay attention. That’s how I got through much of the last couple of semesters at community college. Go academics! (more…)

mega man

Title: Mega Man 10

Platform: PSN (XBLA, WiiWare)


Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Inti Creates

Rating: ★★★★☆

Review by: Eric Stuckart

Fans of the Blue Bomber know exactly what to expect with the 10th entry in the Mega Man series. After the 2008 release of Mega Man 9, a surprise downloadable hit that made a return to the beloved 8-bit style of the classic first six games in the series, it was nice to see a sequel, but how does it fare when compared to the other games?

In my opinion, there have always been two types of Mega Man games. There are the groundbreaking games (1-4, 9), the ones that really make the player want to return for more, and there are the ones that feel as though the developers were only going through the motions (5-8). At some points, Mega Man 10 feels like one of these latter games. (more…)

mega man

It’s funny how things change. When I first met Bill six years ago, I really wasn’t into video games that much. I grew up playing some of the classics and have had a lifelong adoration of Mega Man, Mario, Samus and Link, but I really wasn’t too into it. I went for from having nothing but a broken NES and a Super Nintendo a very long time, to buying a PS2, which I sold because my temporary obsession with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Kingdom Hearts wore off. So when I met Bill, I was an obsessive music journalist who pretty much only spent his free time listening to music, either on disc or in the live setting, or looking for new music.

I was the entertainment editor of our college newspaper, and I was pretty hard-headed most of the time. I didn’t really like new ideas; I didn’t like the fact that we had to sometimes cover material that I found boring; and I really scoffed when Bill offered to do some video game reviews. I ended up sticking him to movie and music reviews partially because he was up for it, partially because he was so damn good at it. If memory serves correctly, I cracked and let him write one game review, for Shadow of the Colossus. And it was a great story, but I still wasn’t sold on video games. (more…)