Title: 28 Days Later: London Calling

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Writers: Michael Alan Nelson

Artists: Declan Shalvey

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Review by: Eric Stuckart

London Calling catches up with Selena, one of three survivors from the original 28 Days Later, who is now hiding out in Norway after escaping the nightmares of a London completely infected with the Rage virus, turning all in its path into rabid, bloodthirsty monsters. Clint Harris is an American reporter looking for someone to lead him into quarantined London after getting a tip that a U.S.-led NATO force will be going in to start restructuring the area. Initially, she tells him to piss off, then something changes her mind. She joins Clint and his team – four “hardened” journalists who think they’ve seen it all and can withstand anything. Quite frankly, they’ve never withstood the Infected, and when the shit hits the fan by the end of the book, they’re left for dead on an island full of zombies. The main problem with the book is that the claustrophobic feel of the films is lost in the transition back to the comic book medium, and Selena is portrayed more like a badass zombie hunter, rather than a survivor fighting for her life. Although the artwork is good, the book is more action than suspenseful horror, and that’s where it forgoes what could have made for a great start to the new series.

Pros: Gory, detailed panels. The book is a breeze to read through. Awesome cover and binding.

Cons: Cliffhanger ending makes purchasing Vol. 2 a necessity. Too many cheesy movie clichés to count. Feels slightly like wasted potential.

For more info, www.boom-studios.net

Pads and Panels received a copy of the book courtesy of the publisher for review purposes.