Chicago Foodcast

Episode 3: “Two Girls, One Goat”

Interview with Chef Stephanie Izard (Girl and the Goat)

Running Time: 61:08

Chicago Foodcast

Episode Description: On the third episode of Chicago Foodcast, “Two Girls, One Goat,” Archie and Bill sit down for a lengthy interview with Girl and the Goat Executive Chef Stephanie Izard, to chat about her career after winning Top Chef Season 4, coming up on one year with her Chicago restaurant, finding the right farms, artwork, her philosophies on cooking, craft brews, a James Beard Foundation nomination, her favorite Chicago eats, drinking, celebrities, Taco Bell and porn. The duo also brings Bill’s fiancée, Sarah, along to Girl and the Goat for a sampling of 10 dishes, including fish, meats and veggies. In another segment of “Hey Fatty! Whatcha been eatin’?” Bill talks about Triple Crown in Chinatown, Archie makes trips to Cactus Bar & Grill and Paddy Long’s, and Sarah gets breakfast at Panini Xpresso and a burger at Five Guys. “Snack Break” thematically ties into the interview when the group gets Taco Bell Beefy Crunch Burritos, and then tries to get the taste out of their mouths with Newtons Fruit Thins. All of that, and Chicago Foodcast gets its first two pieces of fan mail.

Music on the episode – Pierlo’s “King of the Kitchen” via

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